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Sunday, 4 April 2021

Easter- A Remarkable Season of Hope ( A message to Deltans from David Edevbie, Chief of Staff, Delta State Government)


Easter- A Remarkable Season of Hope ( A message to Deltans from David Edevbie, Chief of Staff, Delta State Government)

Easter, one of my favourite seasons of the year, is celebrated by Christians worldwide to commemorate the resurrection and ultimate sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a season that is replete with the show of love, kindness, sacrifice and humility. 

Not only does it remind us to enjoy the unconditional love shown to us by Jesus, but it also reminds us to show and spread this brotherly love to ourselves as Nigerians. It is a bit sad that we only celebrate the resurrection of Christ once a year when in reality, the resurrection of Christ should be celebrated every single day. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who exemplified unconditional love for humanity regardless of racial, religious, or social divides, can teach us a lot as a people. 

This message of optimism could not have arrived at a better time than now when the entire world battles COVID-19's destructive powers. Still, compared to the previous year's celebration, we have made progress together as a Nation. Now, we are standing together as Nigerians to fight back COVID-19 with the dissemination of vaccines and thus, renewing our hope to face the future head-on and persevere to the very end.

For my people of Delta State, thank you for the sacrifice of celebrating this season following the COVID-19 guidelines. We shall always cooperate with the State Government in moving the State forward.

We must remain united as one Nation, one State, and one God. We must return to Easter's vow, which is that what God accomplished in the resurrection will be accomplished in our lives. We are the BIG HEART OF THE NATION, so I urge Deltans to show support and love to fellow Deltans around you and remain hopeful and united for the progress we will make in this blessed State.

Together with the government of the State, we would like to reiterate our promise to the people of Delta that we would work together with you to ensure the security of lives and property in the State, create employment and empowerment opportunities to develop human capital, infrastructure to modernise and transform the State of Delta into a greater state than it already is - bringing the much-anticipated development into the State.

Consequently, I implore us to avoid any tendencies that would attempt to divide us as a state and other activities that are contradictory to the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. I want to inform Deltans that our administration is well on the right track to bringing the State's economy back to life by leveraging the core of resources that Delta State is known for. All of our efforts in this direction will begin to bear fruit soon.

Even as we celebrate, let's put Delta and Nigeria as a whole in our prayers and continuously show the examples of devotion, compassion and goodwill that Jesus Christ displayed.

God bless Delta State! and God bless Nigeria! Happy celebrations!!



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