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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Mike Nliam's pulsating afro bit jam now on your TV and everywhere by Irving Zulu


Mike Nliam

He needs no introduction.  Mike Nliam ruled the music world in a different way in the past. 


In the mid-90s, he raised the bar in Nollywood music. He taught Nollywood to make soundtracks and moods and how to lay them to amplify moods in the movies.


His soundtracks won the two annual awards available in Nigeria for years. He is the brain behind the soundtracks for such big movies like Nneka, the Pretty Serpent, Glamour Girls 1 and 2, Died Wretched, Rituals, End Time, and Fatal Desire among many others. He then hit the airwaves with his timeless song,  One Day e Go Beta, released in 2005.


The song with its pace-setting video became an anthem in many Nigerian homes and inspires nostalgic feelings whenever it is played today. Then Mike took an unusually long break to do a few things. So, he got married, got children,  did business, made films, and made some money. 


 And now the big boy is back with a different brand of music. Not highlife this time. It is world-class afro music with arresting and exciting saxophone rhythm that creates inspires ecstatic feeling. "Just Like Fela" is both a big song and big news. The video is in itself a thriller with aesthetics and drama that accentuate the pulse of the must and it was officially released in the early hours of the morning on Friday, February 5. Yes, the much-awaited video of Just Like Fela is out!


As expected,  both Nollywood and music superstars are already celebrating the song.
Iconic Nollywood Producer,  Zeb Ejiro, OON, simply said, " This song is world-class. Mike is just the best". Chris Okoro, a highly respected music producer added,


" This song will top chats. It's an international song, not just for Nigerians alone. It's fresh, different and I love it". Ejike Asiegbu,  star actor, Monalisa Chinda-Coker, Chioma Akpota, all have hailed Mike's big come with a high tempo, soul-penetrating afro beat statement called Just like Fela.


Sam Kagbo,  a high-profile Lawyer, business magnate, and entertainment patron describes the song simply as," out of this world. It is unique and you can sing or dance it in any style, anyhow and feel good. Mehnn,  it's top-class", he concluded.


Now you can watch, subscribe and share, yes, Just Like Fela.




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