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Saturday, 18 March 2017

The untold story of Helen Gbemisola Ogundimu and her life of hypocrisy

Helen Gbemisola Ogundimu a woman who claimed to be 52 in 2015 and then claimed to 50 in 2015 her records shows that she is  really 51, what is she hiding?.

A woman who claims to be a mental health nurse and then supporting a woman (Tokunbo Ashabi Aboderin) who makes mockery of people with mental disorder and also profits from them; isn't that hypocrisy? Her partner in crime Tokunbo Ashabi Aboderin mocks  Kemi olunloye autism child and makes mockery of former GOV olunloye for wearing diapers in a live video session and she uploads a video to make mockery of a mentally ill woman, this is totally unethical and against her profession. We are calling on U.K. Government and the police involved in this matter to check out who truly she is,  perhaps the U.K. Government should dig into her background

behavior, it shows she's unprofessional and unfit for her mental work daily, maybe she should be put in an Alzheimer's unit. She also engaged in sleeping cheaply with boys around town , koboko is one of them. well i guess thats why she had four kids to four different fathers, her kids needs a paternity test.


  1. Helen Gbemi Ogundimu. See your life out in the open. Your children must be ashamed of you.