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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Governor Inuwa Yahaya blames Billiri crisis on fake news


Governor Inuwa Yahaya blames Billiri crisis on fake news

Governor Inuwa Yahaya has alleged that the violence which erupted in Billiri in February over the appointment of Mai Tangle, was ignited by fake news.


Yahaya who inaugurated a panel of inquiry to probe the violence which led to the death of 4 persons, said the Gombe State government  is determined to unravel the causes of the crisis in order to sanction those involved and take necessary measures to prevent future occurrence.


The panel is expected to find out the remote and immediate causes of the protests; identify person or group of persons who sponsored, procured, instigated, or encouraged the violent protests, recommend sanctions or remedial measures against such person or group of persons, receive complaints from victims or the families of victims and members of the public over the violent protests and make appropriate recommendations to the government on how to prevent future occurrence.


Governor Yahaya also told the panel which has 60 days to submit its report, not to witch-hunt anybody in the state.


He said; 


“I am confident that the calibre of people constituted in this commission will discharge their duties with justice and fairness.

“Our people should provide the commission with  genuine information in order to move our state forward. Under no circumstances should this exercise be turned into a witch-hunting game."


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