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Tuesday, 29 December 2020

''Where is the footage?''- Rapper Ikechukwu expresses doubt over the reported clash between Davido and Burna Boy in Ghana (video)


Rapper, Ikechukwu, has expressed doubts over the reported clash between singers Davido and Burnaboy in a nightclub in Ghana on Sunday, December 27.


Multiple sources on Twitter had alleged that the singers had a scuffle.



Well, Ikechukwu believes the gist is ''Fake news'' and has called for video footage showing the singers clashing. In a video he shared, he said

''So I am supposed to believe that my boy Burna and my boy Davido were in a club in Ghana fighting? It is a lie. Show me some footage. Where is the footage? Show me some footage because these are real geez all round. 

I don't believe. The truth is where is the footage? With all those cameras in the club? Not one camera  caught the footage? We never see am go viral?''he said


Watch the video speaking of the reported clash between the singers below




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