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Sunday, 23 August 2020

My ex took advantage of knowing I won't hit her back — Male domestic abuse victim recounts


My ex took advantage of knowing I won

A man has shared his experience while in an abusive relationship he recently got out of. 


@yybarra23 who revealed that he was scared of sharing his story on social media, revealed that his ex-girlfriend took advantage of knowing he won't hit her back and subjected him to abuses. 


He tweeted; 


I recently got out of a abusive relationship. She knew damn well i wouldn't hit her back and she took advantage of me

doesn't matter what gender i am. a abusive relationship is not it. sometimes you gotta be the bigger person and let them regret what they did to you because karma will be coming her way

I was scared to post this shit but i'm getting a lot of love and support and showing that women can be abusive too. a lot of guys have been coming to me telling me their story and i'm glad i posted it to show everyone that anyone can be the abuser. 


My ex took advantage of knowing I won





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